What is a Pre-Designed NGS Amplicon Panel? 

To speed up your custom NGS assay development projects, our team has consulted with experts in various applications, curated relevant gene content for those applications and conducted several rounds of panel design and in-silico optimization. These pre-designed content can serve as a good starting point for your custom NGS panel development. You have the option to add new content or modify the existing content of these panels. If the content already meets your need, you can order the panels now. Pre-Designed NGS Panels are not inventoried or validated while our ready-to-use NGS Panels are all inventoried and validated. 

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*These panels are made to order and sold “As Is”.

Why Pre-Designed NGS Amplicon Panels?

Speed. Get your Pre-Designed NGS panel in only 2 weeks if no further customization needed (compared to 3-4 weeks when full customization is needed.)

Customization. You still have the option to add new content or modify the existing content easily by requesting a custom panel design based on the existing pre-designed content. 

What’s Included in My CleanPlex Pre-Designed NGS Amplicon Panel?

Each CleanPlex Pre-Designed NGS Panel will include a CleanPlex Targeted Library Kit and your custom multiplex PCR primers. CleanMag® Magnetic Beads for bead purification, and Illumina® or Ion Torrent index primers for sample multiplexing and sequencing on the platform of your choice can be ordered separately .

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Need Functional Validation?

Our expert scientists are here to support you from design to validation for your assay development project. Paragon Genomics provides extensive wet-lab validation and optimization to ensure optimal performance of your assay on your specified sample type and quick transition of the assay into your lab.

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