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Paragon Genomics publications, interviews, and case studies provide up-to-date information about how target enrichment solutions are impacting the genomics community and precision medicine and research. Learn how Paragon Genomics technology is being applied to advance research with infectious disease, precision oncology, gene editing, inherited disease, and molecular breeding and genotyping.

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Omicron Sub-Lineage BA.5 and Recombinant XBB Evasion

Customer Spotlight: The Old Fight is New: Tackling Malaria with Next-Generation Sequencing

This customer spotlight features Professor Bryan Greenhouse of UCSF and his lab’s efforts to build out their genomic surveillance infrastructure to transform the landscape of malaria research. Their modular community panel, developed with Paragon Genomics, empowers researchers across the world to take a deep-dive into the genome of P. falciparum. Read the piece below to hear more about Dr. Greenhouse’s personal story, scope of research, and how his lab has harnessed the power of the panel to answer questions related to population genetics, transmission dynamics, and drug resistance surveillance.

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Our mission is to provide high-quality target enrichment solutions to the genomics community to advance precision medicine and research.

At Paragon Genomics, we are a passionate group dedicated to providing cutting-edge technologies and solutions for the global genomic research and application community. Our goal is to move precision medicine forward. The team is composed of industry veterans and academic experts who previously worked with well-known industry-leading companies and institutions such as ThermoFisher Scientific, Life Technologies, PerkinElmer, Beckman Coulter, Affymetrix, Novartis, Applied Biosystems, Siemens Healthcare, Stanford and Harvard.

Paragon Genomics’ leadership team proudly graduated from the California Life Sciences Institute’s (CLSI) Spring 2016 FAST Advisory Program. We were also honored to be accepted into the renowned StartX Fall 2016 Accelerator Program.