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Paragon Genomics specializes in target enrichment and library preparation for next-generation sequencing (NGS). We develop and commercialize best-in-class reagents, protocols, and molecular diagnostic tools that break the limits of conventional target enrichment technologies. Our proprietary primer design and library preparation technologies enable us to design and create ultra-high multiplexed NGS panels with exceptional ease-of-use, sensitivity, and performance that cannot be addressed with conventional technologies. Our reagents have enabled customers to analyze low-input and challenging samples, such as FFPE DNA from tumor samples and cell-free DNA from liquid biopsies, and allowed customers to rapidly evolve and scale up the content of their assays. Our products are designed in-house and manufactured in California, United States. These novel reagents can be developed for specified sample types and applications and are available through our Custom and OEM Solutions Program. We invite you to join the growing number of leading pharmaceutical, life sciences, genetic testing, and diagnostic companies that have incorporated our reagents to advance their translational research and assay development projects and differentiate their product offerings.

Company Highlights

  • Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Hayward, CA, Paragon Genomics is a precision medicine company focused on providing highly-accurate, affordable custom and fixed targeted Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) panels.
  • Our Company’s patented targeted sequencing technologies CleanPlex® DNA, CleanPlex® RNA, CleanPlex® UMI, and OmniFusion™ provide comprehensive solutions for applications including precision oncology, infectious disease testing, inherited disease testing, single cell analysis, and agrigenomics.
  • Paragon’s technologies and products have been adopted by hundreds of prominent Next Generation Sequencing labs across the globe, including the Broad Institute, Sophia Genetics and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
  • Paragon offers both off-the-shelf, i.e., “fixed” and custom targeted sequencing panels. Our solutions are flexible, scalable, cost effective and boast an industry-leading turnaround time.
  • We differentiate ourselves by providing flexible, low cost and reliable custom panels with superior turnaround times.

Core Competencies

  • Molecular Biology – Multiplex PCR-based (amplicon sequencing) target enrichment
    • NGS sample prep solution (crude lysis buffers)
    • NGS target enrichment and library prep assays
    • Compatible with most sample types (blood, FFPE, blood spot, buccal swab, plant leaf/seed)
    • Compatible with major NGS library prep automation platforms (MGISP, Beckman, Hamilton, Tecan)
  • Bioinformatics –  Amplicon-based NGS panel design and data analysis for:
    • Assay types (germline vs somatic: cfDNA, FFPE)
    • Mutation types including SNP / CNV / Indel / Insertion / Fusion (novel and known)
    • Compatible instrument platforms: Illumina, Ion Torrent, MGI’s DNBSEQ, Genapsys
    • Applications for oncology, infectious disease, inherited disease, NIPT, forensics, agrigenomics
  • Manufacturing – Customized kit configuration and packaging including OEM
CleanPlex OEM solutions

For more information, please contact us to learn more about how we could accelerate your targeted NGS assay design and development. 


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