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Our Mission

Advance next-generation sequencing and precision medicine through rapid and high quality targeted sequencing 

At Paragon Genomics, we develop and commercialize rapid, easy-to-use, ultra-high multiplex PCR-based target enrichment solutions for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). Our proprietary CleanPlex® background-removing technology enables NGS customers to develop targeted sequencing assays that are accurate, sensitive, and simple, yet cost effective. Our technology is applicable to many fast-growing NGS segments such as cancer research, liquid biopsy, biomarker discovery, genomics-guided breeding, companion diagnostics, and immunotherapy monitoring.

Who We Are

At Paragon Genomics, we are a passionate group dedicated to providing cutting-edge technologies and solutions for the global genomic research and application community.  Our goal is to move precision medicine forward. The team is composed of industry veterans and academic experts who previously worked with well-known industry leading companies and institutions such as Affymetrix, Novartis, Applied Biosystems, Siemens Healthcare, Stanford and Harvard.

Paragon Genomics’ leadership team proudly graduated from the California Life Sciences Institute’s (CLSI) Spring 2016 FAST Advisory Program. 

The Team

Tao Chen
Tao ChenCEO and Co-founder
Education: Harvard Business School and Peking University
Leadership experience: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Life Technologies, and Pfizer
Dr. Zhitong Liu
Dr. Zhitong LiuPresident, CTO and Co-founder
Education: Rockefeller University and University of South Carolina
Leadership experience: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Life Technologies, and Siemens Healthcare
Dr. Guoying Liu
Dr. Guoying LiuChief Bioinformatics Officer
Education: Stanford University and University of Washington
Leadership experience: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Novartis and Affymetrix
Jeffrey Liu
Jeffrey LiuDirector of R&D and Operations
Education: Peking Union Medical College and Wuhan University
Leadership experience: MD Anderson Cancer Center
Paragon Genomics