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CleanPlex® NGS Panels for Targeted Sequencing
The power of ultra-high multiplexing and a fast, single-tube workflow

CleanPlex® ready-to-use and custom NGS panels are designed and optimized by our expert scientists to meet the desired specifications using Paragon Genomics’ proprietary ParagonDesigner algorithm. More than 20,000 amplicons can be multiplexed in a single reaction. In addition, CleanPlex® amplicon size can be tailored according to input DNA fragment size to generate optimal performance.

Discover more with less using CleanPlex® technology
The most advanced amplicon-based target enrichment technology

CleanPlex® technology uses a proprietary multiplex PCR background cleaning chemistry to effectively remove non-specific PCR products and primer-dimers. CleanPlex’s ultra-high multiplexing chemistry allows more than 20,000 amplicons to be multiplexed in a reaction. High quality target-enriched NGS libraries are generated in just 2.5 hours using a streamlined, single-tube, 3-step workflow, allowing researchers and assay developers to discover more with less.

Experience the CleanPlex® advantages for yourself
but also hear from our users

“Superb technical and customer support combined with fast design resulted in a high-quality NGS custom panel. CleanPlex technology is fast and easy to use with great PCR uniformity and on-target rate.”

Chongjian Chen, PhD , CEO of Annoroad

“Fruit and vegetable industries in the continental US are under constant threat by invasive pest fruit flies, many of which cannot be identified using morphology alone. When flies or their larvae are intercepted, regulatory agencies need to quickly identify what species they are dealing with and where they came from. USDA-ARS and University of Hawaii are developing genomic tools for these tasks. Paragon Genomics CleanPlex technology allows us to target thousands of highly-informative genomic regions is a single panel, thus integrating species identification and source determination. The 2.5-hour library preparation time combined with robust reaction chemistry for low quality samples means that these tools can be used quickly and efficiently.”

Julian R. Dupuis, Ph.D, Junior Faculty, University of Hawaii at Manoa and USDA-ARS

“We are looking for a ‘future proof method’, a better way to do high throughput screening at a species level diagnosis. Paragon Genomics has developed a rapid 2.5-hour library preparation allowing multi-gene methodology, letting us look at lots of unique loci across multiple genomes. It offers a ‘one and done’ approach instead of many different disconnected experiments”

Scott Geib, PhD, Research Entomologist at USDA-ARS

“As a service provider and distributor company, it is crucial for us to fulfil inquiries coming from our customer in a fast and reliable manner. Paragon Genomics’ custom design and production pipeline has shown itself very useful to expand our portfolio and services in a very short time. Their CleanPlex assays are robust and work directly from the start with a uniform coverage distribution and the ability to design single gene or small gene panels as well as larger panels makes CleanPlex a flexible tool.”

Damla Erdogan, Business Development Manager at Gen Era Diagnostik