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Best-in-class target enrichment solution

 CleanPlex® technology is an ultra-high multiplex PCR-based target enrichment technology for next-generation sequencing (NGS). It features a highly advanced proprietary primer design algorithm and an innovative, patented background cleaning chemistry. Together, they allow CleanPlex ready-to-use and custom NGS panels to break the limits of existing target enrichment technologies.

CleanPlex® multiplex PCR-based target enrichment workflow. CleanPlex ready-to-use and custom NGS panels allow high-quality target-enriched NGS libraries to be easily and quickly prepared for sequencing. 

CleanPlex® background cleaning chemistry. The CleanPlex chemistry involves 3 simple steps and employs a single-tube protocol that can be completed in 2.5 hours. In step 1, targets are amplified in a multiplex PCR reaction, followed by ”with bead” purification using magnetic beads. In step 2. primer-dimers, non-specific PCR products, and complex molecular-debris are biochemically removed, followed by “with bead” purification using magnetic beads. In step 3, sequencer-specific adapter sequences are added to complete the library structure, followed by “with bead” purification using magnetic beads. Final libraries are pooled for sequencing.

High performance powered by background cleaning

Non-specific PCR products and primer-dimers are biochemically removed using the proprietary CleanPlex digestion chemistry. This ensures that only DNA sequences of interest are converted into NGS library molecules, resulting in highly efficient use of sequencing reads.

Effective removal of PCR background. Libraries were prepared using the CleanPlex® OncoZoom Panel with (blue trace) or without (red trace) using the CleanPlex digestion reagent and examined using an Agilent Bioanalyzer®. Without CleanPlex digestion, significant PCR background was formed, which would result in low mapping rate and poor on-target rate and require more sequencing reads to obtain adequate data. With CleanPlex digestion, nearly no background was generated, producing a sharp and clean library peak in the Bioanalyzer trace. The proprietary CleanPlex® digestion chemistry is essential for removing undesired side products formed during multiplex PCR  amplification of target sequences.

Discover more with less™

The combination of superior primer design and innovative library preparation chemistry give rise to CleanPlex® NGS panels’ ultra-high multiplexing capability, high performance, low input requirement, high sensitivity, single-tube workflow, and cost-effective sequencing.  These remarkable features and benefits allow researchers and assay developers to discover more with less.

Discover more with CleanPlex® NGS Panels

More than 20,000 amplicons per pool
High coverage uniformity
High on-target rate
High target design rate

Use less with CleanPlex® NGS Panels

Inputs as low as 100 pg
Fast 2.5-hour protocol
Simple single-tube workflow
Efficient use of NGS reads

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