CleanPlex® UMI Ready-to-Use NGS Panels 2018-06-06T19:50:51+00:00

CleanPlex® UMI Ready-to-Use NGS Panels

Ultra-fast target enrichment solution for precise ctDNA analysis

CleanPlex® UMI NGS panels are powered by Paragon Genomics’ CleanPlex UMI technology, which builds on the the existing proprietary background cleaning chemistry to integrate unique molecular barcodes or identifiers (UMIs) during target enrichment and library preparation. CleanPlex UMI ready-to-use NGS panels are optimized for cell-free DNA for liquid biopsy research. Single-stranded (SS) or duplex (DS) consensus reads can be obtained to increase assay sensitivity and specificity, enabling the detection of ultralow-frequency somatic mutations in cell-free DNA via duplex sequencing.

  • Compatible with Illumina® and Ion Torrent sequencing platforms
  • Generate duplex molecular barcoded and target-enriched NSG libraries in 3 hours
  • Confidently detect ultralow-frequency variants down to 0.1% using just 10 ng to 30 ng of input DNA
  • Ultra-fast single-tube, 3-step workflow
  • Optimized amplicon design for cfDNA