A Multiplexed High Throughput Method to Evaluate Novel Nuclease Activity (in partnership with Synthego)

In this Tech Note, we will cover:

  • A new high throughput method to evaluate novel nucleases that enables direct comparison of their editing activity.
  • How Synthego’s Halo™ Platform for Synthetic sgRNA and automation capabilities coupled with Paragon Genomics’ CleanPlex™ amplicon sequencing technology are leveraged in this new method.
  • How the use of a single amplicon pool for multiplex PCR enables the rapid preparation of amplicon libraries for next-generation sequencing, independent of the PAM requirements for the nuclease being screened.
  • How this workflow automation reduces the hands-on time for library preparation supporting the rapid evaluation of the editing activity and indel profiles of novel nucleases with high granularity, at numerous genomic targets.

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