ASHG 2018 Annual Meeting | Booth 1614
October 16 – 20, 2018
San Diego, CA

Join Paragon Genomics at ASHG 2018 in San Diego, CA!

Paragon Genomics Booth

Booth #1614 | Exhibit Hall, Ground Level

Stop by our booth to meet our team and learn how you can discover more with less using CleanPlex NGS Panels. We will be featuring the following new technology and products:

CleanPlex® UMI Technology – combines target enrichment, molecular barcoding, and library preparation in a rapid 3.5-hour workflow

CleanPlex® UMI Lung Cancer Panel – enables precise ctDNA analysis using a 23-gene panel that targets hotspots that are frequently mutated in lung cancer

ParagonDesigner™ Portal – simplifies building of custom NGS assays via a web-based tool

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Paragon Genomics Workshop

Thursday, October 18th | Room 28D – Upper Level
12:30pm – 1:45pm
Accelerate and Streamline Your Targeted Sequencing Studies Using CleanPlex® Ultra-High Multiplexed and Molecular-Barcoded NGS Panels

Attend our workshop to learn:

• How molecular-barcoded and target-enriched NGS libraries can be constructed in just 3.5 hours with a single-tube workflow using CleanPlex UMI Technology to confidently detect ultralow-frequency variants down to 0.1% allele frequency

• How to CleanPlex Custom NGS Panel can be used to analyze tumor mutational burden (TMB) and identify patients who would respond to chemotherapy

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Paragon Genomics Posters

Wednesday, October 17th | Exhibit Hall, Ground Level
3:00pm – 4:00pm
1770W | CleanPlex® UMI Lung Cancer Panel for Detecting Low-Frequency Variants using a Targeted Amplicon Sequencing Approach And Molecular Barcodes

Friday, October 19th | Exhibit Hall, Ground Level
2:00pm – 3:00pm
929F | 
Variant Detection with an Ultra-Multiplexed 20,000-Amplicon CleanPlex® NGS Panel

See you in San Diego, CA!

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