Paragon Genomics Graduated from Stanford StartX Accelerator Program

Paragon Genomics, a life sciences company dedicated to improving the critical upfront target enrichment and library preparation workflow for Next-Generation Sequencing and moving precision medicine forward, graduated from Stanford’s Fall 2016 StartX Accelerator Program.

StartX Accelerator Program is a highly-intensive, 16-week program that accepts just 7-8 percent of applicants for its Spring and Fall sessions each year. The Founders of the Company has received mentorship from a community of more than 200 serial entrepreneurs, experts, angels and venture capitalists in a customized program designed to match the founders’ needs. The Company was successfully matched to Dr. Joe Keegan, CEO of ForteBio and a serial entrepreneur, as its StartX mentor.

“It was a great experience going through the StartX program together with a community of entrepreneurs who shared insights and provided feedback to each other. The program’s biweekly industry neighborhood is particularly helpful in which you get the chance to discuss important topics ranging from pricing, customer acquisition, to sales team compensation. ” said Mr. Tao Chen, Paragon Genomics’ co-founder and CEO.

“The program is truly designed with the need of founders in mind. As a scientist, I got the chance to discuss with my program peers not only technical issues but also business and management issues. Although the program itself has ended, we will keep engaged with the StartX community. ” said Dr. Zhitong Liu, Paragon Genomics’ co-founder and CTO.

About Paragon Genomics:

Headquartered in South San Francisco, Paragon Genomics is a growing life sciences company developing and commercializing rapid and high-quality target enrichment solutions for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). Its patented CleanPlex® Technology solves the urgent quality and efficiency bottlenecks of NGS target enrichment workflow and is applicable to many fast-growing markets such as cancer liquid biopsy, immunotherapy discovery, inherited disease testing and non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). The Company was selected by a distinguished panel into the California Life Science Association F.A.S.T. Program in March 2016 and was accepted into the prestigious Stanford StartX Accelerator Program in September 2016. For more information, visit

About StartX:

StartX is an industry- and stage-agnostic nonprofit organization that seeks to enhance the success of the highest potential entrepreneurs in the Stanford University network by providing tactical help, experiential education, funding, and a vast network of mentors and investors. For more information, visit