DNA Sequencing Service


DNA sequencing service from DNA extraction or library prep to FASTQ data or variant calling.

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The project workflow starts with sample quality control (Sample QC) or pre-made library quality control (Library QC) to ensure that your samples or libraries meet the criteria of the DNA-Seq technique. If you choose to have us make the libraries, appropriate libraries are prepared according to your target organism and application, and subsequently tested for its quality. Next, a 150 bp paired-end sequencing strategy is used to sequence the samples and the quality of the resulting data is also checked for its quality (Data QC). Finally, FASTQ data will be delivered to you. Optionally, application-specific bioinformatic analyses up to variant calling can be performed by Paragon Genomics.

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DNA Library Prep to FASTQ, DNA extraction to FASTQ, DNA Library Prep to Variant Calling, DNA extraction to Variant Calling

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