Singular Genomics Inks Sample Prep Partnerships with Paragon Genomics, Claret Bioscience 

NEW YORK – Singular Genomics Systems said on Monday that it has signed partnerships with Paragon Genomics and Claret Bioscience to validate its library preparation assays for use with the firm’s G4 sequencer.

The announcement came as the firm reported its third quarter operating results. The San Diego-based sequencing technology firm continued to report no revenues but said it will ship its first G4 sequencers in Q4. On average, Wall Street analysts had expected revenues of $70,000, though in August the firm reported that supply chain issues would impair its ability to scale up manufacturing of its sequencer.

Singular now has partnerships with more than half a dozen other companies on sequencing sample preparation.

About Paragon Genomics
Paragon Genomics ( is a leader in amplicon-based target enrichment and library preparation solutions to accelerate the development of next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based assays for research and clinical testing. The company designs and manufactures high performance and ultra-multiplexed amplicon NGS library preparation products for analyzing difficult, clinically relevant samples. It strives to be the NGS assay partner of choice for research and clinical NGS labs and to make custom NGS assays easily available to a broad range of users. Privately held Paragon Genomics is located in Hayward, California.