Paragon Genomics Partners with Biosecure ID to Expand Access to CleanPlex® Technology in the UK and Ireland

–Follows A Half Dozen New Distributor Agreements Around the Globe for Paragon Genomics’                     Unique CleanPlex® NGS Target Enrichment Technology–

FREMONT, Calif. – July 9, 2024 – Paragon Genomics, a California-based leader in advanced amplicon-based target enrichment solutions for next-generation sequencing (NGS) and precision medicine, today announced an agreement with Biosecure ID to distribute its CleanPlex® products and technology in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. CleanPlex is a proprietary, ultra-high multiplexed target enrichment technology for NGS-based assays for research and diagnostic testing. Biosecure ID, a new UK-based value-added reseller with expertise in applied genomics, is a for-profit unit of Science Social for Good CIC, an organization dedicated to expanding the availability of locally based genetic research and testing services globally.

Tao Chen, Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Genomics, said, “This agreement with the DNA testing visionaries at Biosecure ID caps a year in which we have been expanding the reach of our CleanPlex® products and services via new relationships with a diverse group of distributors serving territories around the globe, including Asia, Europe, Africa and Central America. The UK and Ireland with their advanced life sciences research and clinical communities represent substantial markets for our unique technology, which provides highly advanced and robust targeted resequencing solutions that are easy to use. We look forward to working with the experienced genomics industry experts at Biosecure ID to increase the availability of CleanPlex® products and services in Britain and Ireland and further our mission of advancing precision medicine.”

Yogesh Prasad, PhD, MBA, a Co-founder and Director of Biosecure ID, commented, ”As a value-added reseller embodying both a mission and substantial genomics expertise, we are very pleased to partner with Paragon Genomics in the UK and Ireland to distribute their innovative CleanPlex® technology for targeted NGS panel preparation. Our two companies are committed to providing state-of-the-art DNA technologies that advance the utility of genomic testing around the world and are also simple, fast and easy-to-use. We look forward to a mutually productive partnership.”

New distributor partnerships Paragon Genomics added in the past year include Genique Lifesciences  and Synergy Scientific for India, JB Scientific for Pakistan, MedAxs for Saudi Arabia, Separations for Africa, Caipro International for Panama and Elta 90 MS for Serbia. Click here for more information on Paragon Genomics’ almost two dozen distributors worldwide.

Paragon Genomics’ CleanPlex® is an ultra-scalable and ultra-sensitive NGS target enrichment amplicon sequencing technology that provides single cell level direct amplification sensitivity and makes it possible to include a large number of genomic targets in a single assay. It features a highly advanced proprietary multiplex PCR primer design algorithm, an exceptionally uniform multiplex PCR amplification chemistry and an innovative, patented background cleaning chemistry. The CleanPlex technology’s very high amplification uniformity and low PCR background noise deliver more accurate variant calling and lower sequencing costs. The assay is easily automated with its single-tube format and 3-hour workflow. It is compatible with difficult samples and major sequencing platforms, including Illumina, Ion Torrent, MGI DNBSeq and Singular Genomics. CleanPlex is available as Ready-to-Use or Custom NGS Panels. Paragon Genomics has produced more than 1500 custom NGS panels for more than 500 customers worldwide for research and testing applications including tumor profiling, cancer liquid biopsy, pharmacogenomics, neurology, cardiology, infectious disease testing and food safety and agrigenomics. For more information, visit

About Biosecure ID

Founded in 2024, Biosecure ID is a project-based, value-added reseller and innovation hub dedicated to applied genetics and genomics, serving diverse markets such as human identification, animal health, environmental testing, and human disease research. With a global presence in over 30 countries through direct and partner networks, we provide tailored consultancy and wide-ranging programs. Biosecure ID has a team of experts in NGS (genomics and transcriptomics), CE/STR and qPCR-based testing, project and programme development, and management consultants who offer a broad portfolio of professional services, including validation, implementation, and turn-key project delivery. Our collaborative approach and extensive expertise enable us to provide platform-agnostic solutions and unwavering support to academic, public, and private laboratories. Join us in our mission to make the world more equitable and to improve the human condition significantly. For more information, visit

About Paragon Genomics

Paragon Genomics is a leader in amplicon-based target enrichment and library preparation solutions to accelerate the development of next-generation sequencing-based assays for research and clinical testing. The company designs and manufactures high performance and ultra-multiplexed amplicon NGS library preparation products for analyzing difficult, clinically relevant samples. It strives to be the NGS assay partner of choice for research and clinical NGS labs and to make custom NGS assays easily available to a broad range of users. Privately held Paragon Genomics is located in Fremont, California.