We are yet to reach our limit of multiplexibility in our current portfolio of a wide range of panels.

For standard CleanPlex technology, we have designed and delivered panels of up to 20,000 amplicons (approx. 400-genes) with great performance. Panels with higher amplicon targets may require more primer pools, which in tern require more DNA. If the total sample quantity is limited, there could be a cap on how many targets can be assayed. 

For CleanPlex UMI technology, sequencing depth is the limiting factor for how many amplicon targets to include in your custom panel. UMI panels require deeper sequencing to fully utilize the resolving power of the technology. The sequencing reads required per sample is calculated based on how low the allele frequencies percentage you wish to detect, how much DNA input you need, and how many amplicons per panel. 

If you have special needs in creating large panels, please reach out to our design and sales team for evaluations, or our technical support team with any questions.