Ready-to-use panels are initiated and designed by the Paragon Genomics R&D team that aim to provide the best solutions to specific research areas and/or clinical needs. The contents of these panels, as well as the performance, are internally validated to ensure that it passes our high standards.
Custom panels are designed to satisfy the need of customers from all areas of research. It aim to strike the perfect balance of flexibility and quality. There is no limit on what the target species are and what the regions might be. Our design team will work with the customers to come up with the best NGS solution for the problem at hand. Thanks to the robust CleanPlex® chemistry, our custom panels delivers consistent high quality results often similar to our read-to-use panels. However, due to the diverse nature of the requests, it is often difficult to provide performance validations for these panels. Custom panels may require simple optimization in determining the best PCR cycles. If you would rather have our bench scientist perform these optimization steps for your custom panel, please contact [email protected] for a quote.