Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023

Hello from Paragon Genomics!

We’ve chosen you as one of a small set of people to ask about their experience with Paragon Genomics Ready-to-Use and Custom Panels. We would greatly appreciate your feedback to help us further develop and deliver the best product to you with a few questions.

Our short survey takes around 3-4 minutes.

Which Ready-to-Use and/or Custom Panel are you currently using?(Required)

Do you feel you recieved sufficient support and resources to start your first library prep?(Required)
Communication with Paragon Genomics Team
Ease of quoting and ordering process
Product Shipping turn around time
User Guide (clear and easy to follow)
Library preparation Workflow (ease of operation)
Data, Results (did you obtain the results you were looking for?)
Technical support response time
Technical knowledge of support representative
How likely are you to purchase other products from Paragon Genomics?(Required)
How likely are you to recommend PGI to your colleagues?(Required)