Below is a typical library made with CleanPlex® OncoZoom Panel and assayed with Agilent™ 2100 Bioanalyzer instrument and Agilent™ high sensitivity DNA reagents. Please note that the “Regions” in “Smear Analysis” function in Agilent™ 2100 Bioanalyzer software (under tab “Global/Advanced”) is set from 200 – 330 bp in order to obtain an accurate concentration of the library.

Please see user guide for examples of other ready-to-use panels.

When using a fragment analyzer such as Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100, the library peak(s) should fall between 200-400bp, depending on the specific panel. A library can exhibit a single peak (such as OncoZoom) or multiple peaks (such as TP53) depending on the panel’s amplicon length distribution. Most importantly, look for sharp and well-defined peaks that span the base pair length range specific for the panel. Each custom panel design will receive an “Amplicon Length Distribution Theoretical Plot” for the user to compare with the completed library.

The fragment analyzer most importantly allows the user to visualize any byproducts such as adapter dimers & digested non-specific products (~150-190bp) and 2nd PCR primer dimers (70-90bp). See following FAQs for details on how to reduce these byproduct peaks.