CleanPlex™ 2.5-hr Multiplex PCR Target Enrichment Workflow for Illumina NGS Platforms

cleanplex amplicon sequencing library prep workflow

CleanPlex™ Features and Benefits

  • Unique and proprietary Multiplex PCR Background Cleaning Chemistry (CleanPlex™). Enable the preparation of high-purity targeted libraries for NGS and achieve high-quality sequencing results. Avoid “Garbage in, Garbage out” for your mission-critical and expensive sequencing runs.
  • Compatible with degraded and limited samples. Only 100 pg of input DNA is needed for reliable germline genotype calling and 10 ng of DNA for somatic mutation detection with an LOD of 1%. Compatible with degraded DNA extracted from FFPE or liquid biopsy samples.
  • Accurate variant calling. High uniformity and on-target rate (>98%) lead to highly sensitive and specific NGS variant calls.
  • Improve your library prep productivity. 2.5-hour and 3-step target enrichment workflow with only 30-minute hands-on time from purified DNA to sequencing-ready library.
  • Save time, reagents, and capital equipments. No DNA fragmentation, ligation, end repair, overnight hybridization, or expensive microfluidic devices any more.  Only a regular PCR thermal cycler is needed.
  • Highly scalable multiplex PCR accommodates your expanding panel needs. 7 – 20,000 PCR reactions per tube plus pooling strategy can meet the needs of most applications.
  • Enable new applications. Able to amplify difficult or high GC genomic regions such as TERT promoter (involved in many types of human cancers) – this is included in the CleanPlex™ OncoZoom Panel, a 65-gene cancer hotspot panel.

Technical Data

* based on the average performance of a 200-plex panel and a 600-plex panel

Multiplex PCR-based Targeted Sequencing Workflow Overview

Multiplex PCR-based Targeted Sequencing Workflow Overview