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Paragon Genomics ASHG 2016

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We just launched our CleanPlex™ Targeted Library Kit and CleanPlex™ Generic Cancer Panel for rapid and simple NGS target enrichment with a unique and innovative multiplex PCR technology. 

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  • 2.5-hour and 3-step target enrichment workflow with only 30-minute hands-on time from purified DNA to sequencing-ready library.

  • NO DNA fragmentation, NO overnight hybridization, NO microfluidic device, NO ligation, NO end repair any more!  Only a regular thermal cycler is needed.

  • Only 100 pg of input DNA is needed for reliable germline genotype calling and 10 ng of DNA for somatic mutation detection with an LOD of 1%.

  • High uniformity and on-target rate (>98%) lead to highly sensitive and specific NGS variant calls.

Here is how CleanPlex™ works.

cleanplex amplicon sequencing library prep workflow

Click here to download the product flyer.

CleanPlex™ Generic Cancer Panel (GCP Panel) can be used together with CleanPlex™ Targeted Library Kit to amplify target regions of human DNA and construct targeted libraries for Next-Generation Sequencing on Illumina Sequencers. This panel is a 65-gene cancer hotspot panel consisting of a single pool of 601 primer pairs.

For custom panel design, please submit your request here.