PAG 2018 Industry Workshop

//PAG 2018 Industry Workshop

PAG 2018 Industry Workshop

PAG 2018

Date: January 15th, 2018

Place: Royal Palm Salon 5-6

Time: 12:50 pm to 3:00 pm

How does reducing library complexity through a targeted sequencing approach translate into reality? – Case studies.

By combining one well-annotated data source with diverse genomic and transcriptomic data, a rapid diagnostic tool for non-model systems can be developed into a robust, scalable, low cost assay.  This concept can easily be adapted to plants, animals and insects.

Diverse populations spread across a landscape experience contrasting selection.  In different parts of a species’ distribution environmental factors come into play that favor different trait variants and help anchor physical location of species.  Traits that are impacted by these genes are expected to shift, but migration between populations counteracts genetic divergence.  We explore how this affects patterns of population migration across chromosomes.  Are there conserved regions, or ones that expand?

 The wet lab and analysis pipeline developed can analyze hundreds of individuals at a time, returning taxonomic and population level assignment in a matter of three days from sample collection.  Using a highly multiplex, single tube amplicon sequencing approach, coupled with high throughput sequencing, thousands of loci were targeted simultaneously.

Learn through case studies how a high resolution phylogenomic locus selection tool, exceeding existing approaches to identify species and determine population source, was developed.  Understand, through case studies, how a targeted sequencing approach has been applied to plants, animals and insects to overcome obstacles faced when developing scalable, cost-effective assays.  This has been particularly arduous for many species, where clear morphological tools for discrimination do not exist, particularly at the immature level.


Scott Geibb Ph.D from USDA-ARS

Julian Dupuis Ph.D from the University of Hawaii

Kimberly R. Andrews PhD from the University of Idaho 

Samuel S. Hunter PhD from IBEST Genomics Core

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