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Never Compromise Customization and Performance

We are committed to your success. Therefore, our expert scientists work with you to design and optimize your CleanPlex Custom NGS Panel to meet your needs and ensure that your NGS-based assays are robust and reliable.

 CleanPlex® Custom PanelsCleanPlex® UMI Custom Panels
  Input DNA0.1 ng to 40 ng10 ng to 80 ng
  Amplicon Size 70 – 500 bp 70 – 500 bp 
  Panel Size  7 – 20,000 amplicons per pool 7 – 20,000 amplicons per pool
  Target Design Rate
  (Design Coverage) 
> 95% > 95% 
  Workflow3-step, 3-hour,
single-tube workflow 
3-step, 3.5-hour,
single-tube workflow  
  Compatible Platforms  Illumina
Ion Torrent
  Available Sample Indexes Dual Indexes (Illumina)
Single Indexes (Ion Torrent) 
Unique Dual Indexes (Illumina)
  Limit of Detection (LOD) 1% allele frequency
using 10 ng input DNA 
 0.1% allele frequency
using >30 ng input DNA 
  On-Target Rate > 95% > 95% 
  Coverage Uniformity> 95%> 95%
  Kit Contents
CleanPlex® Custom Primer Pools(s)
CleanPlex® Target Library Kit
CleanPlex® Index Primers
CleanMag™ Beads
CleanPlex® UMI Custom Primer Pools(s)
CleanPlex® UMI Target Library Kit
CleanPlex® Index Primers
CleanMag™ Beads
  Turn-around Time2 to 4 weeks from
design acceptance to shipment
4 to 8 weeks from
design acceptance to shipment

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