Pharmacogenomics Profiling to Identify Biomarkers of Drug Response

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) can enhance patient care by enabling the use of an individual’s genetic information to help predict drug response and guide optimal drug and dose selection. Ultimately, the goal is to provide safer, more effective, and cost-effective treatment in patient care. Traditionally, pharmacogenomics is implemented reactively when there is a need to prescribe a high-risk drug. This is often expensive and suffers from a slow turnaround time. The field now recognizes that the results and recommendations from pharmacogenomics profiling should be available preemptively in electronic health records and drug prescription systems.

Both pharmacogenomics research and testing are converging from sequencing of the whole genome and testing of singles, respectively, toward screening of a panel of genes of pharmacological importance (pharmacogenes) and associating their variants to drug response. Amplicon-based targeted sequencing is an ideal approach that is cost-effective and easy to implement in the laboratory. The workflow is fast and simple to carry out, and the approach allows researchers and assay developers to focus only on the pharmacogenes being investigated.

CleanPlex® NGS Panels – Simple, Affordable Solution for Pharmacogenomics Profiling

Obtain Accurate, Reproducible, and Highest-Quality Results to Predict Efficacy and Side Effects of Drugs

CleanPlex Custom NGS Panels are powered by Paragon Genomics’ CleanPlex Technology – an ultra-high multiplex PCR-based target enrichment technology for next-generation sequencing (NGS). It features a highly advanced proprietary primer design algorithm and an innovative, patented background cleaning chemistry.

Researchers pick targets or genes that they would like to interrogate, and our experts design and deliver the custom assays in complete kit format (input to sequencing-ready NGS libraries) in just 4 to 6 weeks. 

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Admera Health, an advanced molecular diagnostics company focused on precision medicine, non-invasive cancer testing and digital health, developed a CLIA-approved pharmacogenomics (PGx) NGS assay powered by Paragon Genomics’ CleanPlex technology. Admera Health was able to leverage CleanPlex technology’s ultra-high amplicon multiplexing capacity and extremely low PCR background to build a large 180-gene high-level evidence PGx panel that is both highly efficient and affordable. The NGS assay features a single-tube workflow that is easy to perform and minimizes the risk for handling errors. 

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High-Performance Targeted Sequencing Solution for Pharmacogenomics Profiling

CleanPlex Custom NGS Panels offer excellent performance and high level of customization to help you build smarter NGS assays. To create a custom panel for pharmacogenomics profiling, schedule a free consultation below by entering your email address.

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